Boyband Caught In The Act comeback!

Boyband Caught In The Act comeback!

Well the word is finally out, Caught in the Act is going on tour in 2016! So many of you have been asking us over and over when, or if this was ever going to happen and now it is about to. We are very excited about it and can’t wait! Unfortunately Benjamin decided not to join in but we respect his decision and wish him all the best with his further projects.

To kick this whole thing of in Germany, on New Years Eve is a dream come true.How cool it will be to perform o...ur greatest hits medley and a brand new version of Love Is Everywhere, at the Brandenburger Tor in Berlin in front of a huge live audience and so many people watching at home.This is the opportunity we have been waiting for, for such a long time.

But, like we always said Caught in the Act would have been nothing without you.We are, and forever will be very, very, very thankful for all the love and never ending support all four of us have been getting from you over the years. CITA fans are really very special, don’t you forget that.

We hope to see you at the ZDF Silvester Party in Berlin or at the shows in 2016.

Love Is Everywhere!
Bas X, Eloy X and Lee X

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