Jeckyll & Hyde

What started as a project from the successful producer Maarten Vorwerk, rapidly grew on to be a huge success and founder of the wicked Jump hype conquering the whole of Holland. In 2005 Jeckyll & Hyde was born.


After many club hits their big breakthrough came at the end of 2006 with their big hit “Frozen Flame”. Their follow up single “Freefall” reached the number one position in the Dutch Top 40 and the Polish Airplay chart. Together, “Frozen Flame” & “Freefall” were among the most sold singles of 2007.


In no time Jeckyll & Hyde got everybody jumping. In the clubs, but also on schoolyards, school gyms and livingrooms, people were constantly practicing their moves. Thanks to the Jeckyll & Hyde LEGO Videoclip everybody wanted to show their moves Thanks to this hype, the first viral videos appeared in Holland.


In 2007 they released their debut album which charted for an astonishing 18 weeks! After a long period of constant performing with over more then 400 shows home and abroad the act decided to stop in 2009. Now after ten years they are back to take over the stage again!



Nominated for a MTV Europe Music Award
Winner of the TMF Award
Winner of the Heineken NightLife award for most populair act
Winner of the Geels Groep Award for most populair act
Freefall & Frozen Flame best sold singles of 2007



Frozen Flame - peak: 11 (21 weeks)
Freefall - peak: 1 (20 weeks)
Time Flies - peak: 10 (8 weeks)
Milk Inc - Sunrise (Jeckyll & Hyde mix) - peak: 11 (9 weeks)

Jeckyll & Hyde the Album - peak 7 (18 weeks)


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TMF Jump



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Jeckyll & Hyde

Jeckyll & Hyde

Jeckyll & Hyde

2007 Freefall 1
2007 Sunrise (Jeckyll & Hyde Mix) 11
2007 Time Flies 10
2006 Frozen Flame 10

Jeckyll & Hyde

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Jeckyll & Hyde



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