Kelly O Former Cappella

Kelly O was launched into the spotlight as a dancer at legendary raves in the UK in the early 90s. From dancing at raves she performed alongside Carl Cox for his tv appearances to accompany his single I want you. This led to Kelly joining SL2 as part of the line up. 3 hit singles in Dj’s take control, On a Ragga Tip and Way in my Brain and 3 years of touring and dancing as part of one of the true rave innovators.


When SL2 stopped touring Kelly switched to Eurodance and became the singer, the energy and the force that brought a studio project to life. Kelly became Cappella and led the group to 5 top singles in more than 30 countries with U got 2 Know, U got 2 let the music, U and Me, Move on Baby and Move it Up. Kelly’s videos as Cappella have been viewed more than 50 million times on You Tube alone. 


Kelly returned to stage in 2023 and fans have loved being transported back to the 90s with Kelly’s style and energy. Kelly performed at 9 European festivals this year and is already busy in 2024 with large scale events around the world. 


The live show is a high energy dance show, between 25-30 minutes, delivers the major Cappella hits and nods to Kelly’s time in the UK rave scene and is ready from December 2023!